March 24, 2011


pictures. love them. i take pride in taking great photos. i actually tried to get into a photography class in college, but, as a senior, it was a little too late to declare myself an art major just for one class. lame. but i still love photography. i love that pictures capture a moment you can re-visit over and over again. good or bad, you can go back to that moment forever...or at least as long as your facebook album exists and your photo box has room. or your scrapbook.

scrapbooks. something else i love. i'm not creative. i'm just organized. and somehow, in my mind, having oodles of pictures stacked together in a box is not organized. it may be neat on the outside, but i know good and well it's total chaos on the inside. and who actually enjoys sifting through stacks of pictures on a regular basis? not me. i do, however, enjoy flipping through pages that are organized and semi-creatively arranged with pictures, stickers, quotes, and fun embellishments. it's also therapeutic for me when i put them together. double bonus.

some day i want a scrapbooking room in my home. maybe one that looks like this??

so, all that to say. i love scrapbooking. it preserves memories and brings a smile to my face when i look at my fun creation full of even more fun memories. i wish i made it more of a priority on a weekly basis, but life gets in the way sometimes. maybe i'll be a nerd and find a scrapbooking club when i get to florida?? go ahead and laugh at me. i might be on to something though...


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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