March 26, 2011

hurry up and grow

for as much as i love the way i look with short hair, i'm over it. i want my long hair back. i miss the options of how to style it (limited as my skills may be). i miss braids. i miss long pony tails. and i miss my long wavy locks. ideally, i want my hair to look something like this when it's all grown out again.

i don't know if it will end up like this, but i figure i have a shot. it takes work to straighten my hair. waves are my go-to, sure fire, no fuss hairdo these days. love them. and really, i just love katie holmes. i think she's gorgeous. so maybe i'm just daydreaming about hair like hers, but i feel like i've got a shot. just a few more months of patience and we'll see. 

here's to hoping it's worth the wait and resisting the urge to chop and donate it when it gets long again!!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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