March 9, 2011

beignets, beads, and a bayou birthday

[note: please leave all pre-conceived notions regarding mardi gras right here. mardi gras can be done well and classy and still be fun. no flashing. no hangovers. no sketchy encounters.]

i spent this past weekend in south louisiana celebrating my best friend’s birthday. it just so happened that it was also mardi gras weekend. yes, please!! we started our tradition two years ago when we came down for the parades and celebrations. and we’ve decided to do it every 2 years for as long as we can. it’s such a fun trip with a fantastic krewe of friends. please note my mardi gras appropriate spelling of “krewe”.

all that to say, this trip to NOLA consisted of several Louisiana faves. LSU. tony chachere’s. café du monde. beignets. pralines. beads. parades. king cake. po’boys.

i’ve come to love life in the bayou and cajun-ness. and kat deserves 100% of the credit for it. i love doing life with her, even if it means we’re in separate time zones with schedules that do not coordinate at all. and we’re about to be even further apart when i make this move to florida. :( good news: i have a free place to stay when i crave the fresh powder of colorado ski slopes and she has a free place to stay when she craves the beaches of florida. not a bad trade if you ask me!

i would never even consider doing mardi gras with anyone but kat. she knows that city like the back of her hand. inside and out. that’s her city. when i think NOLA, i think kat. i see fleur de lis anything and i suddenly have the urge to buy it for her. kat is Who Dat.

confession: i secretly love hitting parades and showing off my catches to her. it’s like a kid seeking approval from a parent. i can’t be tourist status. gotta get the good throws and make her proud. that whole bit about it being hard to get beads without flashing someone is a lie. a big fat lie. it’s more like duck and cover so you don’t get blasted in the face by an entire bag of beads being hurled your way. good thing we’re all athletic.

here are a few pics from our 2011 mardi gras adventures. 2013, here we come!!

brad spotted the hat stand of goodness.

obviously i approve of the boyfriend. man after my crazy facial expressions heart.

cafe du monde beignets with elizabeth.

chris and b. note b's frat-tastic mardi gras polo.

kat, me, and elizabeth pre-downpour.


just a bit wet, but loving it!!

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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