February 19, 2011

twenty one

today is an important day. twenty-one years ago, someone very special rocked my world by making her grand entrance. she's my best friend. she's a laugher. a lover. a dreamer. an inspirer. an athlete. an encourager. a talker. a listener. a playmate. a confidant. a motivator. a jokester. a leader. a crier. and arguably the world's best sis.


quite honestly, i don't deserve a sister like her. i was mean growing up. still am. manipulative, controlling, and just plain mean. i always promised her candy if she would do my chores, let me have her favorite toy, etc. and i have yet to deliver on that promise. i probably owe her a lifetime supply of jelly bellies or ferrero rocher chocolates. i excluded her and purposely antagonized her. yet she still loved and adored me like any little sister would. and i abused that love and adoration like any big sister would. thankfully, i've matured since then and seen the error in my ways.

my sis has so much to offer. not just to me and our friendship, but to everyone she encounters. i've never met anyone with a bigger heart than her. compassion oozes from her pores. homegirl has the gift of mercy. i do not. she'll cry with you. i'll tell you to man up and deal with it.

i've learned a few things from her over the years, like how valued you can make someone feel by sending a simple note or unexpected gift just to remind them how much you care. she's way more thoughtful than me, but i'm taking notes and learning from one of the best.

she always believes the best in people. she trusts them. i don't naturally trust people. especially not strangers. but she does. she sees their inner beauty and believes the best. every time. i'm learning to be a little more like her in that department without being stupid and getting myself into trouble.

my sis is someone i know will always be in my corner. she'll always be my #1 fan and my biggest supporter. she always has been. she looks up to me (i still have her by an inch or so) and follows my lead. it's great accountability. i'm proud of the decisions she makes and the way she passionately pursues her dreams. i'm inspired by her humility and the tender way she treats everyone she encounters. i'm honored to be part of her life each day.

so sis, here's to you and your fabulous self. i love you more than you know!!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I like Anna a lot and I haven't even met her! I love your writing; the way you express yourself. What a sweet friendship you have with your sister. :)
janna (otherwise known as "anonymous")