January 11, 2011

free and fully alive

that's how Louie Giglio greeted the 22,000+ of us in attendance on Saturday night January 1st. i listened to a podcast with this same title a month or so ago and was disturbed. the second time was no exception.

in this phase of life for me, i fall under the "fully alive" camp. i don't feel that i'm in bondage to anything. in Christ, i am more than a conqueror and have found freedom from the chains of habitual sin. i still sin, but i am not in bondage. i am free. just as the song says, "i am free to run, i am free to dance, i am free to live for [Him]." but i feel like every day i wake up and battle to be fully alive. i battle to eliminate desires for things that don't matter eternally. to make sure that what i do here on earth counts for what matters most...His glory.

Paul's very name is a testimony to the power of God and the process of becoming fully alive. it takes an encounter with the glory of God. without that encounter, i will never see the depth of my depravity in light of His holiness. and i will never be moved to pursue Him. Paul had this encounter, which is why he changed his driver's license from "Saul" to "Paul". He saw the glory of God.  He grew to embody the truth that circumstances have no power over the ability to be free and fully alive. circumstances do not limit God. man had no chains on Paul (philippians 1:21).

but it's a choice. and i make it every morning when i wake up. i must choose to live each day for His glory. and that means saying "no" to everything else. i choose to be His bondservant. to pursue Him above all else. that being said, i'm setting out to answer the following questions:

what do i want to go for? what do i want to be known for?

and, whatever that is, it must ultimately result in His glory....


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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