January 1, 2011

blank slate & goals to fill it

well folks, it's that time of year. time for everyone to evaluate the one we just finished and set goals for the one ahead. some call them resolutions. i call mine goals. goals that are challenging, but not impossible. goals that are attainable. goals that i will hold myself accountable to achieving throughout the year. i feel like resolutions are dropped in February. but goals endure until December (and beyond). so...drumroll please...here's my list:
  • i will regularly take time to reflect and be still 
  • i will keep the Lord first and foremost in all i do. every decision i make and every action i take will be to know Him more and to make Him known
  • i will prioritize & pursue the essential by learning to say "no" to everything else. i will create space in my life
  • i will read 24 books just for fun
  • i will write one letter/note/card each week. i'm passing on the snail mail love
  • i will cross more states off my hit list
  • i will purposely get myself out of my comfort zone
  • i will be quicker to listen and slower to speak
  • i will take better care of my body by getting more sleep and eating a healthier diet
  • i will commit to becoming a real, live, tried and true runner instead of just reading the magazine
  • i will find more ways to give...of my time, my stuff, my money, and myself
  • i will forgive myself and others
  • i will stop biting my nails and fingers (mom, you should too!)
  • i will continue to re-evaluate and add more goals

here's to 365 days of discipline starting today!


live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

1 comment:

Becca Christensen said...

Love it! So proud of your great goals and confident you'll succeed! I commit to pray for you and to encourage you along the way!

Love you,