December 18, 2010

day 18: try

try. what do you want to try next year? is there something you wanted to try in 2010? what happened when you did/didn't go for it?

well, for starters, i hate the word try. hate is a strong word, but it applies in this situation. it's impossible to try something. you either do it or you don't. i'm either going to post this blog, or i'm not. i can't try to post it. i either will or i won't. it's just that simple.

so, that being said...i'm not going to try anything in 2011. i have dreams and i'll certainly set my fair share of goals, but i won't try. i'll put my heart and soul into those dreams and i'll either be successful or i'll fail and take a new approach. you'll have to wait until January for my 2011 goals post, but one overarching theme for 2011 will be the word no.

i'm terrible at saying no. it's practically absent from my vocabulary. i'm going to learn to say no to things that are important so that i make time for the things that are necessary. too many great things vie for my time and i exhaust myself. not healthy. i'm drawing the line. 2011 is a new year and i'm commiting myself to slow down and take time to be still. rest is a gift from God that i deny far too often.

so, i'm not entirely sure that's where the prompt was headed, but i took it there. it's my blog after all. however, 2011 will be a year full of new adventures and new challenges. there's too much to see and do in the world to stay put. i want to experience life to the full. besides, it's St. Augustine who said, "the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

here's to embracing challenges in 2011 with a new-found confidence that comes only from quiet rest in the presence of my Abba,


live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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