September 22, 2010


FYI for those of you who I’ve failed to communicate with regarding important details in my life...I’m moving. Not leaving Branson (yet), but I’m moving. My fabulous roommate got married this past weekend in St. Petersburg, FL (picture below) and now she lives with a man. Well, to be technically correct, I should say a Mann. David Mann. We affectionately termed her wedding day “The Day She Became a Mann”.

That being said, the house on 464 Hill Billy Lane is on the market and I’m in the process of cleaning, donating, trashing, boxing, labeling, and hauling my stuff across town. I’ll be living with an awesome family that I originally met through Kanakuk and then became more than slightly obsessed with their daughters by coaching them at Branson High and leading their small group. It’s going to be a slumber party 24/7. Thank you Boone Family for adopting me!!

I’m also in the midst of helping my cousin finalize wedding details. Really, she’s doing most of the dirty work. I just get fun assignments like table decorations, playlists, etc. I’ll be in Destin in a week and can’t wait for some more Florida sun!! Nothing like two Florida weddings in two weeks. I know, I know. Someone has to do it, right?

All that being said, my usual crazy schedule is on overdrive these next few weeks. I keep holding out hope that things will slow to my usual craziness sometime mid-October. Until then, my apologies for unreturned calls or lack thereof. I’m weary, but loving this phase of life and learning a lot. Thanks for doing life with me!


live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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Becca Christensen said...

Move to Florida...then you'll be closer to all these weddings. : ]