August 11, 2010

tomorrow is august 12

the fact that tomorrow is august 12th doesn't mean much to most of you. but it means something to me. it means i move back to my house in hollister, mo and dive back into civilization. i've been at k2 since may 21. but not working for kamp like usual. i've been doing my big girl job for Joe, but there's little to no cell service and i honestly didn't have much desire to connect with the outside world once i stepped inside these gates. you leave life outside when you come to kamp. which is great for a while. but then you're ready to get back. i'm ready to get back. friendships have been put on hold or neglected altogether and i don't particularly enjoy that.

it's time to move back. and i'm ready. i'm ready to get into my routine again. to hit the grind. mind you, i've enjoyed my afternoons and evenings on the lake every day after work, but i'm ready to get into my normal routine again and be able to buy groceries and cook my own meals. i miss my Branson volleyball girls. i miss the exhaustion after a long day of being gone and finally coming home. sounds crazy, i know.

God has done some incredible works this summer in the hearts of our kids and staff and it's been a blessing to be here and witness that even though i'm not officially part of kamp. i've definitely learned a lot and had time to evaluate my own life, so i'm grateful for that time as well. i've been able to step away from the routine and re-evaluate. i needed it. but now i'm ready to be back. august 12th, here i come!!

live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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Joy said...

i hope moving day went smooth! love you!!

ps remember that i changed my blog to see you over there!