August 16, 2010

is it not enough?

a friend of mine posted on her blog recently and my heart echoes hers in so many ways that i had to re-post part of what she said...

"i don't know what it is about our society. it bothers me though that the answer to that question (what are we doing in our life?) defines who we are. as though our "job" makes us acceptable. or gives us value. it's been something that has bothered me over the past couple of days. why is it that we have to be "doing" something to give us worth. why can't we just be. is loving people not enough? is investing and pouring into youth not enough? is living out the gospel not enough? is following Christ not enough? is obeying the Lord not enough? is being a vessel for the Lord to use not enough? is being His hands and feet not enough? is Jesus not enough? that's the question that should be asked. is Jesus enough for you? because if Christ isn't enough for you, then what is? He is our reward. our treasure. and the one who is coming back for us one day. He is the promised one. He is the one who completely satisfies us. He is the one who defines me. gives me value. what we should be "doing" is giving our lives for Him. no matter the cost."

i wonder the same thing sometimes and begin to question whether we've truly missed the gospel in our fast-paced career-driven culture. what if what we "did" was pursue Christ at all costs like His disciples did? what if we invested in lives instead of the top companies or our new job? what if we lived with eternity in our eyes instead of our next paycheck or planned vacation? imagine what the world would look like if we made this shift. because really, in the end, all that will stand is the Word of God and the souls of men. everything else fades. i want my life to count for eternity. for my investments to last. to be significant. i battle my flesh every day by choosing to invest in the lives of kids instead of so many other things that vie for my time and attention. my prayer is that each of you find the place where you are passionate and can thrive because that's when we bring the greatest glory to His name.

live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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K.a.t.Hilton said...

Check out the "adide" pod cast from the village church... i just listened too it ;) Luv ya!