February 26, 2010


One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Schweitzer, a German-French philosopher, physician, musician, and theologian. He once said, "the only ones among you who will be truly happy are those of you who sought and found how to serve." I love that. Simple. Profound. True. Confession: I love quotes. I have an entire book devoted to them and I'm constantly adding to it. But this is one that I continually bring to mind.

It's so easy to get consumed by the busyness of life and end up with tunnel vision. We forget to look around and notice the needs of others. I'm guilty. Life gets crazy and threatens to blow up all around me and I end up focusing on what I need to do to make it through today and get to tomorrow. Survival mode. One day at a time. Now, this mindset isn't always a bad thing, but when it keeps you from recognizing the needs of those around you....it's time to re-evaluate. I've found that my energy multiplies and I'm able to keep going when I'm focused on what someone else needs. Less focus on my chaotic life and more focus on how I can make someone else's day a little easier. Seeking. Recognizing. Serving.

And before I paint this too-good-to-be-true picture for you, let me remind you that it doesn't necessarily mean my life falls into place and everything suddenly slows to a more manageable pace. But it does mean that the chaos is no longer overwhelming. My focus shifts. The pressure is no longer on me. I've left my chaos in the hands of my more-than-capable Savior and I am now free to meet the needs of others. Amazing really. There's a joy and excitement in finding new ways to serve someone....especially when they have no idea it's me. I love it.

I would be willing to bet that Albert Schweitzer didn't mean happiness in the temporary, circumstantial, everything is great, kind of way. It's more of a deep-rooted, despite all else, there's no way in the world you can keep going but somehow you still do, kind of happiness. It's Joy. Peace. Rest. Quiet Strength. Because remember, we're not really serving someone else, we're serving Him. He will supply your strength. Above and beyond what you will need. I've found it to be true in my own life.

"The only ones among you who will be truly happy are those of you who sought and found how to serve." -Albert Schweitzer

live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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