January 24, 2010

here we come

i traveled to Charlotte, NC this week(end) for our first Men at the Cross event of 2010. we started off this event season with a BANG!! such an encouragement to see all the details come together and watch our team unite to bring the message of discipleship to the men of Charlotte.

i was responsible for keeping our Platform Team speakers and musicians on time and happy. i learned the way of the underground tunnel at the church and it became my best friend--especially when i needed to remain unseen as i escorted someone from the lobby to their private dressing room backstage. i was officially tunnel trained.

mom and dad drove down to volunteer at the event and it was fun for me to let them see another glimpse of my Missouri life. mom's official title was "Bekah's Sidekick," so i was being paid to boss her around. fun. she was super helpful. i did my best at being in two places at once most of the time, but mom had to step in and help when i needed to be in three places at once. fun having her there. dad was an usher, so he (naturally) made a lot of new friends and also got to sit in and listen to a lot of the event itself. i think it was a good breather for him and a chance to recharge. below are some pictures from the week(end).
[tapas with Christie. ram it!]

[sushi with Dani, Cass, and Meemz]

[mom and dad after the Friday night portion of the event.]

[time to meet the Boss: dad, Joe, mom]

as you can see, i made sure to have mom and dad meet Joe while they were there. i figured they should meet my boss. all in all, great weekend. fun to see the other side of my job--the fruit of my detail during the week! also fun to be back in NC and see teammates along the way. my biggest challenge was staying focused on the content of the event and the men who were there....not getting absorbed in Speaker Hospitality mode. people, not tasks. MATC 2010, here we come!!


live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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