April 14, 2009

Hill Billy

i'm officially an institute alumni. i managed to escape without being kicked out and i have a certificate to prove it. the last week was a whirlwind of different activities planned for us to intentionally spend our last days together coupled with the challenge of finding time to pack up our rooms and move our stuff out of kauai. i managed to get it all thrown into boxes and bags and transported down the road to my new house. well, new to me at least. i'm living with one other girl....who happens to be absolutely incredible....and her super fun black lab puppy named Roxy. i'm moved in, but not settled at all. that will have to come later this summer. for now, i can find my clothes and that's all that really matters.

so, my feelings on being done with the institute....
this was the most filling eight months of my life thus far. i hope it wasn't the best though. i'm walking away from these months with a new respect and desire for searching the infinite depths of Scripture. i want to keep learning.

i'm also walking away with a greater understanding of Satan and the spiritual warfare that is going on around me. i've always known it's there, but this year brought a new understanding.....and hatred for Satan. i will absolutely wake up every morning and fight. armor of God....i've heard it preached a thousand times a thousand different ways, but now i realize that i'm in a battle every day. i can choose to get up and fight, or i can choose to live in ignorance. i'm tired of living in ignorance. if Satan is fighting every day, then i'm going to fight back. i'm going to fight on my knees in prayer for my brothers and sisters who are hurting and under attack. i'm going to fight for my time in the Word each day because it's my line of defense and my life-source. i'm going to fight to memorize Scripture and keep it at the forefront of my mind. i'm going to fight.

one last thing for now...we've heard from Willie. and it's good. God has him in a place of understanding and restoration. he's using this time for ministry. that's the Willie i know. we still haven't heard anything about his sentencing...as far as i know, it hasn't happened yet. just keep praying. he's proclaiming the name of Christ every day inside those walls, but it's a struggle. don't stop praying for him. he needs to continue to claim who he is in Christ and live according to those promises. no turning back. i'll keep you posted when i find things out, but for now.....pray, pray, pray!!! pray that he's encouraged by other godly men inside those walls. i know they're there.

i hope everyone had a great Easter with family. mom and dad finally got a taste of Branson and the Kanakuk world. and as far as i can tell, they enjoyed it. i know my K world friends enjoyed meeting them. for now, i'm going to enjoy my life on Hill Billy Lane. :)

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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Brittany darling said...

bekah all i got to say is that you are one woman of God i really look up to and respect love reading your thoughts about God and Satan and where your journey has brought you. thanks for the update on willie to, fighting for our brother and sisters in Christ is vital! love you girlie, have fun on hillbilly lane. ps i downloaded google earth to try and see if its really true there is a hillbilly lane??