March 7, 2009


well, the day is quickly coming where i will be put to the test. we turned our belief statements in on thursday. nice to finally call it "done." i realize that they're really only done for the sake of this project though. i'll keep adding to them and i want to do more topics too. just didn't have the time to do them during this project. we had 8 assigned topics and 2 of our choice. we had to do God the Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, the Bible, Man/Sin/Salvation, Angels/Satan/Demons, the Church, and Spiritual Life. and then i chose to do Missions (evangelism and discipleship) and Suffering/Trials/Persecution. it's safe to say that it was a mad dash to the finish. but, many of you will be proud to know that i've left my procrastinator ways behind me and i finished a day early and avoided the mad rush for the printer in the middle of the night on wednesday. i'm convinced i just needed to be studying a subject i actually cared about in college and then i wouldn't have procrastinated in the first place. :)

moving panel is monday afternoon 2:30-3:00 central time and any prayers would be much appreciated. there's really no right or wrong answer, because the questions i'm going to be asked are based on my beliefs that i've written in my statement and already backed up with Scripture. it's just the whole getting up in front of a panel of 5 well-respected people...and feeling your heart leap into your throat...and momentarily having all knowledge exit your brain through the back door that i'm not looking forward to. i'll get over it and i'm sure i'll be fine, but it's stressful nonetheless. an experience i'm glad i get to have,but pretty nerve-wracking as well. i'll give you a re-cap monday or tuesday after i survive. until then, enjoy the weekend and hopefully some amazing weather like we've been having in Branson.

sola scriptura,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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