January 14, 2009

return to the island life

well, after a week and a half of being back in class, i still love it. so that's a good thing!! last week we looked at Esther, Ruth, and church history. two days on church history may sound dense and tough to swallow....which it is, but Chad did a great job keeping all of us awake and engaged. we learned so much!! he took us through our church ancestors and we learned where each denomination comes from and what some of the beliefs are of each one that distinguish them from the next. and we managed to go through two days like this with no hurt feelings or tense arguments. well done class of 2009!

this week we had Greg Smalley come and talk on healthy marriages and relationships which was really refreshing and engaging as well. we were in class from 8-5 on monday with a small lunch break, but we were ready to keep going when he finished. he was just so good!! today we broke up into discussion groups and talked more in depth about our belief statements regarding God and tomorrow we're discussing ministry and diving further into the nuts and bolts of working in a ministry. this semester our big project is hammering out our belief statement on various issues like God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, etc. it should be a really challenging, thought-provoking project, but one that i look back to for the rest of my life.

i love being back on the island with my 51 friends and being back in Branson. this community feels like home, so it's good to be back. thanks for your faithfulness in prayer. i need it. some days are easy and some days are challenging. but this is home, and i'm glad i'm here.

love from the island!
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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Alexa said...

i'm soooo proud of you.
i can't tell you that enough.
love :)