December 23, 2008

christmas shenanigans

this past week has been relaxing and absolutely wonderful. i had the chance to go back to Chapel Hill for the weekend and spend time with Hubert, Leslie, and their three kiddos. it was so great to see them again and i finally got to see a live performance of Cinderella. ;) Gracie absolutely loved Cinderella, so the rest of us managed to sit through it and it ended up being really cute and pretty funny for adults too. i considered not coming home again and just moving in with them forever, but i figured i should get back for Christmas.

i'm enjoying the down time at home and sleeping in is amazing! today was fun sister and i went outside in the yard and took some pics for mom to use in her Christmas cards and we ended up laughing until i had tears rolling down my cheeks. these are a few of my favorites out of all the ones we took. i hope you all have a wonderful christmas with your families and get to enjoy some down time yourself.

celebrating the joy of His birth,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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