December 28, 2008

as good as family

well, today was my last Sunday at home and it was good to see everyone at church one last time before i head back to Branson on Saturday. Arden is like another family to me, so it's always good to come back and see everyone. this is a picture of my sister and me with one of my favorite couples from church, the Harts, and they are as good as family to me. another set of grandparents if you will. i must tell you though, that this was a rare moment because i caught Mrs. Hart in Carolina Blue...on gameday nonetheless!! it's not too often you'll find a diehard NC State fan in Carolina Blue, especially on a game day. and if you'll look closely, Mr. Hart was armed with his red pen as always. :) i love this couple and i am so thankful for the role they play in my life.
that's about all for now. i'm going to Chattanooga, TN for New Years and then i'll be home for a day before i fly back out to Missouri. this break has been very restful and lazy which was a nice change of pace, but i'm ready to be back in Branson and hit the ground running again. happy new years to all of you, and i'll post again next year! :)

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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