February 15, 2013

comma nerd

part of my job is to put commas in their proper place (among other things). oh, the life of an editor. i didn't major in english (psyc major), but grammar and spelling come as naturally to me as eating dark chocolate. it's a no brainer. i'm raising my nerd flag a little bit higher with this confession, but...

if you find me reading a book, i probably have a pen in hand and have undoubtedly noted any mistakes i find. i can't keep reading a sentence if the structure, punctuation, or grammar is even just the slightest bit off. if i don't have a pen handy, i will mentally correct it, re-read it, and continue on my merry little way. i know, it's not normal.

i also have this quirky little habit of reading sentences and verbalizing the commas in my head as i go along. for example: i would read the sentence in the picture above as, "Let's eat comma space grandpa." again, i know i'm weird. but i like to think it has helped me in my job. commas are flat out abused all day e'rry day if you ask me, and i can spot a misplaced comma faster than i can read a full sentence.

anyway, there's no real point to this post other than sharing this fun little picture that comes to us via the goodness that is Pinterest. but please, do us all (or just me) a favor...learn how to use a comma.


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