January 6, 2013

christian vs. godly

i don't know about you guys, but i think the shower is a fantastic place for soul searching and big decision making. don't get me wrong...30,000 feet in the air is still my favorite and most productive place, but it's slightly more expensive than the shower.

i find it funny that as a kid i used to play in the shower and sing quietly to myself so that my family wouldn't hear (or so i thought). but now...well, that's where i make life changing decisions and theoretically pull on my big girl panties to face the day.

all that to say, i had a great pep talk slash counseling session slash free advice to myself moment in the shower recently. and i figured this one might actually be blog worthy. forgive me if you disagree, but it's my blog after all.

my little pep talk consisted of determining the difference between a christian guy and a godly man. it's no secret that yours truly wants to be married and start her own family. however, i refuse to settle. and in my mind, a great christian guy is still settling. i want a godly man. here's what came to me...

a christian guy prays for you.
a godly man prays with you.
a christian guy reads his Bible.
a godly man studies the Word.
a christian guy volunteers to help.
a godly man serves day in and day out.
a christian guy says you look beautiful.
a godly man says you are beautiful.
a christian guy goes to church.
a godly man serves his church.
a christian guy respects your boundaries.
a godly man fears the Lord's commands.

if you're my mother, right about now is when you'll resume praying fervently that this godly man is a happily settled north carolina resident with no plans of moving away. i can't say that i'd argue too much with that biased prayer though.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


Medtary said...

Bekah, I came across your blog by accident, but love what you wrote about the Godly man vs the Christian man. You should post that on Pinterest and share it with as many people as possible!

bekah brinkley said...

Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by, Medtary!