August 1, 2012

beaming with pride

ever have those moments where you're beaming with pride and want to brag non-stop? hopefully those moments don't involve your own accomplishments because that's tacky and no one likes a shameless bragger. but if you're that proud of someone else's accomplishments, i say rock on with your bad self and tell the world. shout it from the mountaintops, tweet it, update your facebook status, might as well even blog about it.

so what's the big news?? this girl... about to be a junior at branson high and already knows where she's gonna play in college. boom.

my not-so-little-anymore buddy slash sister Lauren Boone (affectionaly known as "LB") is signed, sealed, and delivered. well, kinda. she committed but she hasn't signed and it's not time to deliver yet. but she's going to play volleyball for Missouri State University as part of the class of 2014. yep, you heard me. that means the girl has two years of high school ahead of her without the pressure of being recruited or of filling out nerve-wracking college apps like everyone else. she gets to enjoy the ride and prep for her four years as a Missouri State Bear. oh, and did i mention that it's a full-ride. cha-ching!

i could not be more proud.

LB is one of the hardest workers i've ever met. she just can't get enough. she once asked me, "how do people burn out? i mean, when i'm not playing, i'm thinking about playing and i'm wishing that i was!" that's LB in a nut shell.

we've had many a convo about her desire to grow as a player and as a woman of God. and i'm so pumped for her. granted, it's two years away and she has some of her best high school years ahead of her, but hey....a little celebrating and horn tootin' never hurt nobody.

so, LB, congrats from one proud sister, mama bear, grandmother, chauffeur, mentor, and #1 fan. love you lots, kiddo, and so pumped for these next few years in your life!!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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