April 10, 2012

an object in motion

i'm an object in motion. and i'll be staying in motion for a while. my life is once again defined by boxes, labels, tape guns, and suitcases. besides working and coaching (and the occasional workout), my life is consumed by packing. whether it's packing up my house to move across the bridge to st. petersburg or packing a suitcase for one of the crazy adventures waiting around the corner...i pack. between now and may 26th, here's what i have ahead of me:

kansas city, mo :: volleyball
greenville, nc :: see the sis
chapel hill, nc :: visiting the Davis fam again
moving to st. pete :: mom's coming to help!
new orleans, la :: Kat's wedding
st. augustine, fl :: beach time with Ginny and fam
orlando, fl :: volleyball

yeah, i may just not unpack until June. boxes...yes. suitcases...we shall see. i'm about to be on a whirlwind of a rollercoaster, but i'm so excited for each thing on that list that i can hardly contain myself.

back to the boxes...

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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