April 20, 2012

embrace different

it may be (somewhat) old news now, but i still had some thoughts bouncing around my head that i want to get out. have any of you read the book, same kind of different as me? if you haven't, you should. (i confess that i haven't read the sequel yet though, what difference do it make?)

Same Kind of Different As Me

the book chronicles the beginnings of a friendship between a homeless black man, denver moore, and a reluctant white man, ron hall. hall's wife, deborah, was the instigator in bringing these two men together to form what would later become a lifelong friendship. at one point in the book, i verbally sobbed. there, i admitted it. now go read it for yourself and find out why.

the reason i'm blogging about it now, 4 years after i read it, is that denver passed away at the beginning of april. in recent years, denver and ron have traveled the country sharing their story of love, acceptance, and embracing differences only to discover just how similar we all are.

the picture below links to a great article about denver's life and the legacy he leaves behind. it's not very long, so i encourage you to read it.

denver and ron (credit)


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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