December 3, 2011

wrestling with expectations

credit: pinterest

this seems to be a theme in my life right now. i've said something to this effect both to myself and others numerous times lately. so as nice as it would be, i can't expect the people around me to have a heart to serve just because i do. i want them to have that desire for their own sake and for the sake of making much of Christ by being servants in a self-consumed society. but i can't expect that from them. it's their choice. God has to work in their heart the same way he worked in mine.

i also can't hold other people to my personal standards. if they don't know the Lord, they don't operate under the same set of moral principles as i do. and as much as i want them to, that's the Holy Spirit's job, not mine. i get to serve them through a gospel-minded lifestyle and love them well. and if they do know the Lord and are choosing to set their gaze on temporal things, then i get to show them what it looks like to live a life focused on the eternal instead.

i have a tremendous opportunity to live the gospel every single day. and so do you. live it well.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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