November 28, 2011

i pulled on my big girl panties...and put on my apron!

for the first time ever, i hosted my fam for thanksgiving. they came to me a few times in college since i had volleyball matches the next day, but i never cooked for them. Harris Teeter and Boston Market cooked for us. anyway, with the role of hostess comes the responsibility of safely feeding my fam without poisoning them or burning the food. i can't say it was the absolute best thanksgiving meal i've ever had, but it was definitely yummy and nothing was burned, raw, inedible, or downright icky. success!!

i did everything from making the grocery list to shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. yes, mom and the sis stepped in to help me pull it off, but it was mainly my show and it was a blast!! i've got a few pics below that chronicle this monumental event since those of you who know me will question the validity of my previous statements. i mean, i am the girl that asked how you boil water when i was in high school. yeah, about that...

hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving with your families. mine was absolutely perfect!!

mom did the dirty work and "cleaned" our turkey the night before. what a trooper. and then she danced with him. no, seriously. i have a video.

definitely needed these to clean up raw turkey juices on the counter and in the sink. we don't want no diseases.

the sis helping me tear bread to prep the stuffing the night before.

adding eggs and butter to the stuffing bright and early thanksgiving morning.

shoving my hand up mr. turkey to add the stuffing inside.

faithfully basting every 30 minutes...this was obviously taken early because i'm still in my pajamas rocking the bed head and glasses get up.

woohoooo!!!! perfectly roasted and not charred!!

pops did his usual turkey carving while i dug the stuffing out of our birdie's belly.


 pecan pie courtesy of Village Inn...pumpkin courtesy of the madre.

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally

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