November 21, 2011

un-interrupted reading

in the midst of all this thankfulness, i have to admit there are still a few things that annoy me to no end. misspelled words and poor grammar are two of them.

sometimes i think certain people are out to annoy me by typing "my" instead of "by" or adding semi-colons instead of commas. i mean, i'd just like to read a sentence un-interrupted.

you see, this girl, a.k.a. yours truly, notices every misspelling, missed comma, wrong use of "there" and "your" in every single thing i read. and i can't continue reading until i fix the issue in my mind. curses. part of this is a gift because it makes me a great editor, but sometimes i just want to yell at the world because i'm convinced no one knows how to properly use a comma or spell-check to save their life.

bloggers are some of the worst, honestly. you'd think they would take a little pride in something with their name attached to it, but apparently we live in a day and age were we slop together our thoughts for the world to see and don't take 0.2 seconds to make sure we used the right "your" and "there" in our sentences.

i realize i'm probably one of few people who get this annoyed over reading other people's spelling and grammar errors, but it's a violation of my sanity and i'm going to either (1) lose my mind or (2) stop following certain bloggers. woof.

i am bekah brinkley and i wish everyone would review their spelling and grammar rules before posting or publishing their writing. it would make me a much faster reader.

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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