September 28, 2011

happy #28

well, i have lots of things to be happy about today. its my birthday!!!! thanks for all the love today...whether it was a phone call, text, wall post, tweet, or in person.....i felt super loved today. and while many of you could have quite the singing career ahead of you, my highlight has to be spending the day with my momma. she flew down for my birthday and we spent my lunch break at the mall, followed by a homecooked dinner (one of my faves) and a walk along the bay. such a fun day and i'm so glad mom came down to spend it with me. love you!!

happy #28
walking along the bay with mom to finish off a great birthday.

[credit to Liza for the idea of posting happies each day]

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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