August 4, 2011

where my heart is (part two)

as promised, there will be lots of pictures on today's post. yesterday, i filled you in on my time at kamp. today is all about my day with the Boone girls and two other special friends.

it all started sunday night when i showed up at casa de Boones and surprised LB, the youngest Boone. shrieking, dancing, jumping, screaming, and all out celebrating took place. cue mushy feelings of knowing how loved and missed i am. next up came surprising Linds (middle Boone). cue spider monkey hug that almost resulted in a football tackle. and last but not least, Mal. homegirl got in late from a wedding and i'm pretty sure thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. SURPRISE!!!! loved it. :)

[for the record, they thought the surprise they were getting was a dog. or some type of electronic awesomeness.]

we basically sat around the kitchen table and in the living room all night gabbing it up like old times. i can't tell you how many nights (and mornings) were spent in that kitchen talking life with Jane and the girls. it felt like i never left. great feeling.

hang time with LB and Linds.

i think i'm loved.

with Mal once she got home.

moving on to monday...the girls and i hit up vista tees for some quality branson tank tops and then headed to springfield. i did lunch with my good friend April and then snagged Andy's with Jenny and little Brody. such a treat. i've missed those women so much!!

after lunch with April. love you so much!!

lunch was delish. can we do that every day?

with Jenny at Andy's. where else would we meet?!
(and yes, my hair is warping because of the extreme heat.)

then, naturally, the girls and i filled our window of time with some shopping at the mall. we found some great deals on jewelry, grabbed cookies and pretzels, and then made the dreaded drive to the airport. boo. i thought about stalling and missing my flight (so did they). it's always hard to say goodbye to the Boone girls. they're like sisters. in fact, the last words i heard before walking through the doors to the airport were, "love you sis!" to which i replied, "love you too!"

ugh. i hate leaving them. we laugh instead of breathing whenever we're together. and we talk life. i love being able to be an influence in their lives. and i pray that it continues to be a positive one.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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