August 6, 2011

what's on the back side?

question: have you ever read the back of the signs people hold at intersections? i'm talking about the ones that say "will work for food" or "just hungry" or "single dad - supporting family - anything helps." if you haven't, you should. you just might get a good chuckle every once in a while.

now, don't go getting all high and mighty on me. i'm not bashing, nor am i judging, those that stand at intersections collecting money and goods from generous passersby. in fact, my heart goes out to them.

that being said, there really are some interesting signs out there. for instance, i recently drove by a man on the corner with a sign that had been written on the back of a Budweiser cardboard case. i wish i knew what the other side said. maybe he's one of the ones who takes an honest approach, "need beer. why lie?"

or take this one for example, "fat chicks rule." i kid you not. there was a man on the corner holding this sign. i really wish i could have read what's on other side. you know it has to be good if that's what's on the back.

needless to say, i've started reading the back of the signs as much as the front. every now and then i stumble upon a real gem. if only i could find a way to read both sides without being rude...

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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