July 14, 2011

things i've learned in florida

believe it or not, florida is not the hottest place i've ever lived. summers in branson steal the cake on that one. don't get me wrong, florida is hot and humid. it's no cool, crisp, mountain air when you step outside in the morning, that's for sure! but, i will say that the heat and humidity here are different than that of missouri somehow. i still haven't figured it out though. don't worry. i won't lost sleep over the issue.

branson has lakes all around it and it has been hotter than tampa every day so far. but, here are a few of the lessons i've learned during my 2.5 months as a florida resident.

  1. sunglasses get foggy when you step out of your car, especially in the morning. the AC in my car fools them into thinking it's not so hot. then they step outside that cool little bubble and they panic. they get foggy and i'm temporarily blinded. welcome to florida.
  2. always have your keys ready when you get in your car or you'll sweat like a pig in a sausage factory during the 10 second purse dig.
  3. sand is everywhere. you don't have to go to the beach to find little pesky granules hiding in your purse pockets. how they get there is still a mystery to me.
  4. when google maps tells me it will take 15 minutes to get somewhere, double it. traffic always trumps the time estimates. learned that one the hard way a time or two.
  5. buying a sun pass is worth it. i don't regularly take toll roads, but when i do, it will save me time and money. time because i don't have to stop in the slow lane to pay. i just cruise right on through. money because who knew that people who have a sun pass get a discount?!
  6. it doesn't take much to be tan. just a good book and a few hours each weekend. vitamin d is officially my favorite vitamin.

welcome to my florida life. :)

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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Lindsay Barta said...

Love this. I identified with almost everything! I don't have a sunpass though... I just avoid toll roads like the plague and it takes me twice as long to get everywhere!