May 10, 2011

buy global

i recently spotted this lovely little necklace and with a little persuading from the sis, purchased it and promptly put it around my neck. from that moment on, i've received numerous compliments on it every single time i wear it. seriously, at least two comments every single time. who doesn't love that??

i absolutely LOVE it. but what i love more is that i bought it at Ten Thousand Villages when i was in Chapel Hill for Mo's wedding. i love the fact that they send money directly back to the individual who handmade your item. i'm willing to pay a little more for an item when i know the money is going back to help someone in a developing country that spent hours handcrafting the item. and they make gorgeous stuff. seriously, i could spend my life's savings in a store like this (or one like Go Fish). check it out. it's a little late for mother's day, but birthdays are always a fun time to send a unique gift that gives back.


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