April 8, 2011

buying stock

i'm not much of one for finances unless it involves balancing my checkbook and managing a checking account and two savings accounts. investing? clueless. 401ks and IRAs? i just picked the % dad and my financial advisor said to contribute. stocks? uhhh what? not so much. 

but all that being said, i should probably consider buying stock in a few companies before i make the plunge to being a Floridian. kidding. well, kinda. i don't really get the whole stocks thing, but if i'm going to spend a large chunk of my money somewhere, i think it would be wise to buy stock in their company. i think that's the idea behind it, right?

so, if i was going to buy stock and do this whole investing thing, here's who i'd choose to support. (is that even the right terminology??)

whole foods

banana boat spray sunscreen

yogurtology fro yo

NIKE free running shoes

nordstrom rack



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