April 12, 2011


well, this weekend proved to be the epitome of bittersweet. we had our last club volleyball tournament and my girls played lights out all weekend. best they've played all season. i was absolutely beaming inside with how stinkin' proud i was to be their coach. they have made HUGE strides this season.

no tears from me after the final point, but the girls made up for it. they love each other so much and it was fun to see the way they pulled together to play this weekend. but it was heart-breaking to see the deep sadness on their faces now that the season is over. they were very real tears. and i'm leaving, so that had something to do with it too. honestly, these girls and their parents make it tempting to bail and stay put. or clone myself and leave one of me here. they're just that awesome. :)

we have our final hurrah team barbeque this weekend, so you can bet your bottom dollar that i'm looking forward to that with every fiber of my being. these girls stole my heart and will always have me as part of their life for as long as they'll let me. below are a few pics from the weekend. enjoy a little glimpse into nine joys of my life.

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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