April 21, 2011

one week

one week from today i will pull into beautiful, sunny (probably not so sunny at the hour i'll arrive) Tampa. i'm stoked. giddy. excited. eager.

but on the flip side, i've recently gotten glimpses  of just how hard it will be to say goodbye to the people i love so much here in branson and springfield. as in, almost cried in public. almost. whoa. 

about a month ago, two of my dearest friends in the entire world threw me a surprise party. i was clueless. utterly clueless. apparently i'm terrible at noticing obvious things like my friends plotting surprise gatherings, but i'm freakishly adept at noticing when a pen is put back the wrong way or a hand towel isn't hanging in the perfect tri-fold. i'm weird like that.

needless to say, i was humbled that my two friends would take a night to honor me and make me feel so loved and special. it was literally the only free night they had until i move. and they planned a party!! they're priceless. i might kidnap them and stuff them in my car when i pull out. i'm sure no one will miss them. ;) oh, and i'm not sure what this says about me, but the only two times i've ever had a surprise party, the "distractor" has taken me to get ice cream. woopsies! guess my friends know i won't suspect anything if they request a random dessert run!

one week. 7 days to continue being intentional with these two fabulous friends. they're a huge part of my life and forever will be.

shay shay and trish

let's be real, i'll probably spend the first 3 hours of my 18 hour trek sobbing about the fact that i won't be 5 minutes away from them anymore. no more random run-ins and chances to play "mom" when Trish is out of town. boo.

i'm also still coping with the fact that i don't get to see my vb kiddos on a multi-weekly basis anymore. they are nine insanely awesome joys in my life. i can't imagine not being obsessed with them the way that i am. it was an honor to be their coach and earn their trust and respect on the court and in life. i want to continue to be an influence in their life for as long as they'll allow me to be.

we had a team cookout this past saturday to close our season and it was the epitome of bittersweet. we were all looking forward to it so much that we kind of forgot it was our last hurrah. sad. so sad. lots of tears were shed (not by me obviously). i won't be able to get back soon enough for a visit. i just won't. they are my heart and soul.

SJVC 15 Red

the Boones (and several co-workers) also threw me a surprise party this past tuesday. thirty or so of my closest branson (and springfield) friends showed up at the house to greet me when i got home from zumba. such a fun surprise!!!! i was humbled to see how many people would take time to show me how much they care. they've each had a specific impact in my life and it was neat to see the level to which i've affected their lives as well. it's such an honor to call each of them a friend.

HUGE thanks to those who organized, the Boones for graciously hosting, and my friends who came just for being your awesomely supportive selves. y'all are the best and will definitely be missed. visit me!!

Boone girls: LB, Jane, Mal, and Linds

April: my other half and volleyball loving friend

Kanakuk gals with our cupcakes on our most recent Girls Night Out

thank you to Allegiant Air for flying cheaply from St. Pete to Springfield. you will become my best friend. i will be back to visit all these fabulous people and many others that don't have pictures up today.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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Becca Christensen said...

can't wait to have you. Sorry for the sads.