June 30, 2010

holding pattern

i've had a couple conversations with close friends recently and it's funny how the Lord is working in our lives in much the same ways....just time zones and states apart.

it's like we're in a holding pattern, with endless options, but no clear direction. waiting. patiently waiting and remaining faithful in the meantime. it's a tough spot to be really. still feeling called to where you are, but acknowledging the desire burning inside of you for something more. knowing that you were created with gifts and passions to do more than you're doing right now. but not called to leave yet. not clear on where to go. so you wait. you remain patient. but not passive. it's an active trust.

it means you seek friendship with your Creator and reveal your heart's desires to Him. He knows them, but you seek intimacy with Him anyway. you pursue Him. you pursue the passions He has placed in you. and when you do that, you glorify Him. you make His name famous. but again, it's a tough spot to be when you're called to one place, but you aren't able to fully use your gifts and passions. it can be frustrating. it's a lesson in patience. obedience. faithfulness.

that's where i am now. and i know i'm not alone in this holding pattern. it's encouraging to know that my battle buddies are right there in this same phase of life. we can sharpen one another as we wrestle with what pursuing friendship with God looks like when coupled with an active trust.

live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.


Joy said...

AMEN! :)

David said...

Did you just use the term "battle buddy"? I have made my mark on you!!! :) See you in like 26 days! and you get to meet my dad!