May 13, 2010

destination: Los Cabos

hello world!! i'm alive! it's true!! lots has happened in the month and a half since my last post, but i think you'll appreciate the humor from my most recent adventure in Mexico. where to begin...

Tracy and I left Branson at 12:45 pm to make our way to Springfield for our 2:30 flight. 4 year olds on Christmas morning doesn't begin to capture our level of excitement at that point. security was a breeze. it's Springfield, bad can it be? our luck ran out as soon as we got to our gate though...we'd been hoping to take off before the massive pocket of thunderstorms hit, but we lost. our plane was delayed in Dallas and long story short...we finally took off from Springfield when our flight from Dallas to Cabo was also taking off. Mexico would have to wait another day.

it gets better....while we're waiting on our flight that had already been delayed 3 times and cancelled once, there was a fire in the terminal. evacuation of the building was a must. or was it? i didn't see flames. it wasn't hot. there was no smoke. i stayed put (along with some other stubborn passengers). evacuees left the terminal and grunted when 10 minutes later...airport authorities announced that it was a false alarm. suckers!! now, at this point i look up and see an elderly lady waving frantically outside. why?? oh, because she and two gentlemen took the nearest exit from the terminal, which happened to be through the jetway and onto the Tarmac. hysterical. now they're locked out because it's a series of one way doors. again, hysterical. and they might as well have been building a plutonium bomb when security got to them. Lord help them...who KNOWS what kind of questioning and searching they endured!! moral of the story: unless you see the flames, do NOT evacuate the terminal.

at this point, i whipped out my toenail polish (properly stored in a plastic bag and being no more than 3 fluid ounces) and began painting my toes bright pink. what else do you do with 5 hours of delays in an airport with only 10 gates? oh, and i did spy a leopard print snuggie at gate 7. it was all i could do to refrain from embarking on a secret mission to secure a photo. sorry. and note to self: if your roommate buys a cup of coffee, save the cup. you just might have 5 hours in delays and want to re-use the cup. yes, we had 4 cups of coffee in that little cup. 2 for each of us. and we don't feel bad about it. unlimited refills.

we ended up at the Hilton in Dallas for the night and had $40 in food vouchers in hand (courtesy of American Airlines). not a bad deal. our co-passengers on the flight to Dallas were unusually happy and far too entertaining. my sides hurt from laughter within the first 10 minutes. they were clearly intoxicated and down right hilarious. old men. i mean, who in their right mind tells a complete stranger that he put a slice of bologna in one shoe and a slice of cheese in the other one for extra cushioning. seriously? and then, at that point, a voice from the back of the plane recognizes the humor of the day and boldly asks, "was that the door shutting, or did someone run into our plane?" any other day, i probably would have been annoyed. but on Friday night April 30th, it was the funniest hour of my life. i think Tracy and i snorted and giggled all the way to Dallas.

when we landed, I got to see one of my best friends (Joy) who lives 5 minutes from DFW and she took us to get Chic-Fil-A since we don't have one in Branson. we stayed up and talked for a while and then it was goodnight Dallas. tomorrow we leave for Mexico.

we woke up nice and early and made our way back to DFW to spend our two hours waiting to board our flight. do NOT arrive any less than 2 hours before an international flight. they're not kidding when they say they won't let you on the plane. we planned accordingly and left with plenty of time to spare. Cabo, here we come!

the rest is unimportant. we got to Cabo without any more major adventures, did our customs thing, got our luggage, found a ride to our hotel and then....DUN DUN DUN.....we hit the pool chairs. i proceeded to spend the rest of the day roasting myself and basking in the Mexican sun. and i did the same thing the next day, and the next, and the next. you get the picture. Cabo is beautiful. and since i didn't want crazy charges on my cell phone, i kept it in airplane mode and i was 100% inaccessible the whole time. it was glorious. :)

i finished two books, three magazines, wrote countless notes/letters, podcasted several Matt Chandler sermons, napped, and of course.....roasted some more. i was determined to get enough Vitamin D.

i ventured out one night into downtown San Jose del Cabo and did the touristy thing...browsing in local shops, snapping photos of landmarks, etc. and then i enjoyed dinner with a live mariachi band to top it off. i made sure to take a stroll down the beach at dusk (in honor of you, mom) and i even sang along with the mariachi band (that was for you, dad).

i vote if you ever have the chance to go to Los it!! it's worth every penny you'll spend. enjoy some pics (next post) from my trip, and please refrain from the hate mail. SOMEONE has to go to Cabo or all the vendors wouldn't have money to feed their families at night. :)

live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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