May 17, 2009

where did the time go?

i'm stunned at how fast time seems to fly by right now. i fly back out to Branson on Tuesday and i'll be out at K2 in Lampe on Thursday. this is all a little crazy considering the fact that i'm sitting in my parents' living room in Asheville right now and i haven't even thought about what i need to pack for kamp. chaos.

my time in chattanooga was great. ashlee and ali are now officially Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT) and slightly more than excited to be done. their boards are on wednesday so i'm sure they would appreciate your prayers for a passing grade. :)

with Ashlee and Ali after their graduation...DPT's!!!
chapel hill was awesome. i got to see some of my teammates and catch up with them as well as old friends. i spent the bulk of my time with Hubert, Leslie, and their kids (Elijah 7, Gracie 5, Micah 2.5), so that was obviously a huge blessing. i just love that family so much!!

i would love to move back to Chapel Hill one day, just not in this stage of life. i have too many things i want to do and experience before then. but Chapel Hill is the perfect little town and i would love to find myself back there at some point.

with Gracie after her pre-school concert
right now, i am weary, but excited. i'm as ready as i can be for kamp, but so weary going into it. please pray for rest and for discernment. i feel equipped for this summer in dealing with my kids, but not adequate. and there is a difference. i will never be adequate, that's why i need the Holy Spirit. but i do feel equipped. please be in prayer for my kids this summer and for the countless other staff who are investing in these kids' lives. pray that we live each moment with an eternal perspective. it's so easy to get caught up in programs and the athletic side of kamp (which, of course, are awesome!!), but that's not the point. the point is Jesus Christ and proclaiming the truth of His salvation to these kids.

thanks for your continued prayers!! y'all are such a huge blessing and encouragement.

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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